Lewis Reed’s Plan for North St. Louis

Driving through the city’s 4th Ward, watching blocks and blocks of vacant and dilapidated buildings go by, Lewis Reed, president of the city’s Board of Aldermen, talks about promise and possibility. “Areas like this represent our city’s best opportunity for growth,” Reed said. “But we have to start making major investments in neighborhoods like these […]

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City Health Disparities Called ‘Shameful’

CITY HALL — At first listen, the Director of the St. Louis Department of Health, Pam Walker’s PowerPoint presentation on Nov. 13 seemed positive, upbeat even. Walker, speaking before the city’s aldermanic health committee, described the tireless work of residents, organizations and government officials that has led to a reduction in lead poisoning and rates […]

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Historic Tax Credits Under Attack (Again)

The good news?  For the last several years, a wide range of community groups and local civic leaders have been working to make enormous areas of North St. Louis eligible for State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits through the creation of new historic districts and the expansion of other existing districts. The better news? The State […]

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Chris Carter Continues His Family Legacy

27th WARD — Alderman Chris Carter thought the woman with eight children, who stopped by his campaign headquarters, looked awfully familiar. “You remember me don’t you?” the woman asked. Of course he did, Carter responded. Two years ago, on a cold wintery night in December, he met this woman’s family while he and his uncle, […]

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Troupe: A Lifetime of Service in the 1st Ward

A conversation with Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe is like a college history course on regional politics. With more than 41 years experience as an elected official, Troupe has seen the pendulum of power swing in different directions. With history as his barometer, the former state legislator and current aldermen of the 1st Ward, argues that […]

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21st Ward Teen Awarded Scholarship to Webster

Unlike most kids his age, Christopher Morris never got into basketball or football. “I was always interested in tennis,” Morris said. “I just like the individuality of it. If something goes wrong it’s basically only your fault. It’s no one else’s. So you can adjust.” What started as a fun activity for him as a […]

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Host Lizz Brown Returns to WGNU

“I think I’m feeling revolution in the air…tell me brother, talk to me sister…” Many in St. Louis woke up on Jan. 6 to a theme song they hadn’t heard on a weekday in almost seven years. Certainly some celebrated while others—especially those who have faced journalistic scrutiny—cursed the fact that radio personality and provocateur, […]

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